Patent-Pending, Proven Design

The first complete mud, moisture, and impact barrier for sport watches and step trackers. Unique 4-fold design creates a tough, cushioned barrier between your device and punishing OCR and mud course hazards. Minimizes impact from mud, water, bumps, and scratches. Extends the life and appearance of your device. 100% device coverage including strap.

Engineered to Protect

Spongy “scuba grade” neoprene cushions your device and sheds mud and water. Includes TPE stretch band for up to 4 layers of total protection. Dramatically reduces post-race device cleanup. Eliminates “mud scraping” your Fitbit or other tracker strap to return it to wearable condition.

Comfortable Fit, Easy Care

Lined inside and out with soft, quick-drying nylon blend with Spandex edging. Perfect for OCR and mud race competitors. TPE layer is extremely thin and light with no added bulk. Simple, lightweight design is durable and machine-washable.

Simple Sizing

Sizing is based on wrist circumference. If you are between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size and fastening your strap one position looser than normal. This will create a snug, comfortable fit and maximize the water and mud-shedding benefits of Mudbandz.

Small 5.5 – 6.5″
Medium 6.5 – 7.5″
Large 7.5 – 8.5″”


Wonder Twin Powers Activate!


The first all-purpose protective cover for Fitbit combining scuba-grade waterproof neoprene + thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) designed especially for OCR and mud run competitors


Choose Mudbandz Original (4″ length) for Fitbit Charge, Alta, Flex, and other narrow devices.

Select Mudbandz Super (5.5″ length) for increased coverage with Fitbit Blaze, Surge, Apple Watch, Suunto, and other wider devices.


Keeps the mud off and protects against bumps and scratches during the race


100% device coverage including strap


Eliminates post-race cleanup


Comfortable, lightweight, machine washable


Patent-pending design


A Flak Jacket for your watch!

“My biggest worry of doing OCR’s is smashing my watch on something. I love wearing it to track my progress, but hate the idea of demolishing it. I have a Garmin 910XT. Mudbandz covered my watch completely and never came open, unless I wanted it too. It was very easy to open to check the time, and distance. If I had thought about it, I would have carried about 20 with me! I had several offers for the one I was wearing while on the course. I think all the major OCR’s should be endorsing this thing. In my experience, it is total protection.”

Michael Chambers, Verified eBay Purchase, 8/31/2017

“I bought my first mudbandz last year prior to my trip to Hawaii. It worked great and kept my Fitbit in dry through all the crazy mud and water. Long story short I “put it in a super safe place, and now can’t find it”. So I frantically went to order online as i needed it in 3 days. I saw they were out of stock. That let me to their website where I didn’t see priority (aka as fast as possible) shipping as an option. On a whim (and after failing to find anything similar online), I emailed them. I quickly got a response from the owner who happens to be in my same city and works less than 10 minutes from me! He graciously offered to meet up with me and deliver my band!
So not only is the product amazing and one of a kind, the customer service is TOP NOTCH!!

It’s a must have for any mud run or hiking experience!! It’s easy to use and it works!”

Laura Bartlett, Verified Amazon Purchase, 8/23/2017

“Great product! I was so thankful to have this for my Spartan Beast race. It completely protected my Garmin. I would highly recommend this product. Also, the seller was great to work with.”

Verified Amazon Purchase, September 6, 2017

“I used my Mudbandz at the Sacramento Spartan races and my FitBit survived several immersions in both races. I loved that I was able to get a record of my steps for both the Super and Sprint races. I recommend the Mudbandz.”

B. Hulquist, (Verified Amazon Purchase 12/1/2016)

“I bought this a few months ago but didn’t want to leave a review until I had actually used it. I finished my first Spartan race today and I am happy to report that this protective cover did awesome making sure my Fitbit didn’t get ruined. It passed the test against climbing through dry terrain, mud, and even swimming through water. 10/10 would purchase again.”

Verified Amazon Customer, March 19, 2017

“I use this to keep my Fitbit Charge 2 dark when I sleep. I wear the neoprene cuff over the top of the fitbit. It blocks the light completely while continuing to track my pulse. I use the larger size on my 7″ wrist and it is loose enough to be comfortable while staying in place. Solved a big problem for me.”

Henrietta (Verified Amazon Purchase)
August 30, 2017

“Used this to protect my Fitbit Flex during a Spartan Race. I was crawling through mud-slurry that was chest deep and jumping in and out of puddles, creeks, and everything else you can imagine. ALL my clothes were completely caked in mud and water by the end, BUT…. my Fitbit was perfectly dry and as clean as the day I pulled it out of the box. The MudBandz worked so much better than I had even hoped and I TOTALLY recommend it for anyone doing these races.”

Courtney, novice mud runner (Verified Amazon Purchase, 10/1/2016)

“If you currently run with a Fitbit and are concerned with protecting it during a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Savage Race or other mud runs then for $8 you really can’t go wrong.”

Obstacle Racing Media Online Review
September, 2016

“Arrived in time. Just in time for MuckFest. The muddiest run I do. I have a Fitbit Surge and usually don’t wear it in the mud and water since it is not water proof. I took the chance that an $11 item would protect my $250 watch AND IT DID. At one point I was on my hands in knees in 10″ of muck and thought I hope this thing is as good as they claimed. Even whore it in the hose down area. Final out come: the watch was not dry, but only damp and there was no mud and it still works. I have already recommended it to friends. The one concerns was I did not get a full double overlap. Guessing the surge is too wide, but this did not hurt performance.”

Bri S. (Verified Amazon Customer)
October 3, 2016

Andy Fenoglio

Andy Fenoglio



Thanks for your interest in Mudbandz!  We’re committed to creating amazing products for the OCR and mud run community. Please drop me a note with any questions or suggestions for improving our product.
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